Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch on the US Congressional Hearing (English transcript)

Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch delivers a speech to Baloch freedom fighters on February 9, 2012 with reference to the U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Oversight and Investigations Sub-Committee Hearing on Balochistan held on February 8, 2012.

Everywhere, when the war for national independence breaks out, it is fought with national strength. And when the Baloch nation began its war for national independence, its basis was national enslavement. Whenever, if there is a nation that has a homeland, has a language, has a culture, that has been stolen, its national history is being wiped out, then that nation begins its war for national independence. War is not necessarily to be fought with the gun. However, the gun is the means for that war, is the means for that politics.

By now, the Baloch national war for independence has received no financial assistance. Only the Baloch national awareness, its consciousness, its understanding, familiarity with its history has been the biggest weapon, has been the biggest instrument for them. There are many countries like Palestine; the Arabs are supporting them on basis of being Arab, and many other countries are supporting them as well. In the name of Islam and in opposition to Judaism, many other countries are supporting them. Lebanon, on the basis of being Shiites, people are supporting them. But, Balochs have no such ideological ally that would financially assist them.

If Balochs have got any kind of natural relationships then they are only universal; either international or the ethical values or human values that exist, anywhere if there is a man of understanding, belonging to any religion, belonging to any nation, belonging any party of any country, when they feel about the struggle for Baloch independence, when they understand it, when they hear it, through any means, whether by Human Rights Commission reports about the human rights violations against Balochs, Balochs are being disappeared, after disappearance their tortured and mutilated bodies are being discovered, their dead bodies are being dishonored, there are sanctions on their language, their culture has been destroyed, if they hear these things through any means, and support the Baloch national struggle or talk about Baloch national issue, we welcome it and we consider it to be something good. Like yesterday, there was a hearing held at American Congress that is being reported in the papers and radio. It is essential that our freedom fighters, our fellows, our comrades must understand it.

Comrades!  No nation in the world can get independence for any other nation. We should not be in this optimism that an American Congressman or Senator, or its State Department has issued a statement in our favor. And we should not be cheerful that our problem is solved; someone from the world would come for our help. We would deem it good on the day when someone feels the oppression against us, the pain of our enslavement, the state of subjugation against us, whether on governmental or non-governmental level, we would deem it to be something good, we would term it the success of our struggle, the result of the martyrdom of our caravan’s friends, the result of their sacrifices.

But, there is another thing that our struggle is for the kind of independence which will be based upon social justice and equality. Then we; while this is our philosophy, then we see that the friendship and enmity of the powers of the world are not permanent. Just like we see that yesterday the Taliban were the enemy No. 1 but today America is negotiating with them. If day before yesterday, all the doors of Pakistan were open for America but today there is bitterness into their external affairs. If someone uses our problem to put some kind of pressure; then we should not be happy on mere words.

Because, we can see that at some place where they have their own interest, then they arrive there with all their guns, logistics and with all their supplies and everything. I would like to give the example of Libya where 14 to 20 people died at Bin Ghazi; they acted in a way that ended a regime within six months. But our problem is different from them. Our problem is to create a new state on the world map. There is a big difference between creating a new state and changing an old governmental structure.

Therefore, in order to create a new state; to create a Baloch state which we are fighting for, then it is inevitable that the nations who are ruling the world, looting and pillaging, will certainly have a point of view to put forward, to let some discussion float around in order to see what those people would say who are fighting, who are struggling, what they will say, how they will react, and what they will show off.

It could be like this but our struggle is tied to our nation. We need the entire world’s moral, diplomatic and media support. We need their financial support. But, not on the condition of mortgaging the future of Baloch nation or its homeland, either on a mere policy statement or just on holding a seminar or on some financial assistance. That is not the basis of Baloch liberation policy.

Remember, that today there is path being paved for Baloch independence in the world, but today it is just because of your sacrifices, this international power says that we should solve this problem internally. No matter Pakistan says that it is its internal matter. But Baloch is a nation, Baloch has its own lifestyle, Baloch has its own history which is big fact. Its homeland is a big fact. Today this nation giving these sacrifices, it is also a big fact. Consequently, sacrifices have no borders. Either another power of the world or Pakistan cannot confine our sacrifices within its artificial borders nor can mortgage our struggle, the fruits of our struggle, nor we will mortgage them, it cannot be like that.

However, we understand that if they have taken this initiative on the basis of reading the media or the papers very well, or have felt the pain and suffering of Baloch then it is good, we welcome it. But, if they have something to get Pakistan agreed on, and using the Baloch card for it, then for Baloch it is not acceptable. And Baloch will not buy into ingratiating talks. Baloch needs real action from the civilized states of the world that claim to be democratic. We expect from believers of humanity that they should end their diplomatic, military and economic relations with Pakistan while gruesome atrocities are being committed against Balochs, and they should accept the historic rule of Baloch, the sovereignty of Baloch that they have had over their own soil.

Whether or not the blood of Baloch is cheaper than the blood of Sudan? Or there are some Far-eastern countries; we cannot say that they have accepted them just for being Christians but if they have their own interests there then they get it accepted. If the democrats of the world ignore the Baloch problem only because of being Muslim, then I believe it is condemnable and shameful. And it is also against all the universal values and norms of humanity. As they claim that we have sacrificed for democracy and human rights – the West, including Europe, America, and many Asian countries that claim to be the banner-bearers of democracy. If Europe says we could not raise the Baloch issue just because we have some relationships with Pakistan while they have created Sudan and East Timor there.

Well, we cannot say that they have created those countries just because of being Christians but they have taken a stand there. And they consider the Baloch issue to be their internal matter, just because they are Muslims by religion – it is condemnable. Because, as a nation our identity existed long before Islam came into existence; even during the period of Islam, see how Balochs were allies with Arabs, the agreements with Syahsawaar, Baloch had their own government after Islam came in here. If the Islamic countries think that they will not support us just because Pakistan is an Islamic country – it is also condemnable.  Because, we can see that – if you take a look at the Arab world, there are small states either based on their own tribalism or their own nationalism or based on sectarianism – they have their own separate states. If they can be the members of U.N.O., if they can have mutual relationships with each other then Baloch will definitely decide who to have relations with on bilateral and equal basis after becoming independent.

Anyway, if Americans – not only American but all the members of U.N.O., all the members of Arab League, all the members of ASEAN, all the members of African Union that are affiliated with the U.N.O. or have their own regional blocks, we expect from all of them that they will consider the Baloch issue on the basis of Baloch history and Baloch homeland and support us.

But, the support will only come when we will move our war forward with same pace, we should abide by the rules of war that we have abided by so far, we should abide by laws of human rights that we have abided by so far, that there is a difference of day and night between us and the uncivilized Pakistan Army. We are fighting a war in accordance to the international laws of war. If today one of our comrades gets captured – if anywhere it is accepted fact that there is an insurgency – if once it comes into the parliament of a country that there is an insurgency in some part of the country then the country is bound to treat the captured person as a prisoner of war and give him the same privileges. And that country does not bombard the civilian population, just like our war, our freedom fighters’ war which has never killed any civilian so far.

If we have carried out an operation in Karachi, it was on their armed forces; if we carried it out in Quetta, it was on their armed forces; if we did it in interior Balochistan, it was on their armed forces. If America in its policy discussion says that we have done target killings – we have not done any target killing rather we have killed those who were real troops but came in civil dress. Many people were capture, someone was a sergeant, someone was a captain, and someone was a major. They come in different guises; many of whom were killed; M.I. and I.S.I. identity cards were recovered from them. Those people whom they call their collaborators, who are involved in an attempt to weaken our war and collaborating with the enemy. It is a well known fact anywhere in the world that if there was a war then such people were treated just like enemies. It happened in America during its Civil War. We can see here that anywhere if there was war of independence, or any revolution comes, such people got killed.

But, if you kill someone just because he belongs to the Baloch race, where you even do not determine the sex, you kill the women as well as the children; Pakistani state even kills 14 year old 9th grade school boys. It is their government, it is their own employees and officials; kills the doctors just because of being Baloch; kills the professor just because of being Baloch; kills the lawyers just because of being Baloch; kills the students for the same reason; this is called genocide. Therefore, countries of the world, United Nations, human rights organizations, signatories of the Geneva Convention should support us and that is what we expect from this world.

Thank you.

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