Chief Minister, Agencies Demolishing Balach Marri’s Quetta Residence: BNV

QUETTA, Feb., 25:- The Baloch National Voice, a separatist group, has claimed that the residence of slain Baloch nationalist leader Nawabzada Balach Marri in Quetta has been raised to ground by pro-government elements who were backed by personnel of the security forces.

In statement issued here on Saturday late night, the BNV strongly condemned the dismantling of the house of Balach Marri and said that for the last two months the house had been occupied by armed persons having the support of the Chief Minister Balochistan and intelligence agencies.

It said that they (armed persons) had started completely bulldozing the house. However, it warned that the responsible elements would have face the consequence for storming into the resident of a Baloch national leader. The statement further said that in Balochi code, the house any Baloch had great importance or held sanctity and no body could even imagine to trespass it. It termed the action as madness in which the violators went to the extent of flaunting their Balochi tradition.

In the meanwhile when contacted, the government officials expressed their ignorance by saying that they had not received any complaint from any individual that the residence was being demolished. They said that the administration would take action if received formal complaint in this regard

Source: The Baloch Hal

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