Aged father of slain BSO-Azad activist target killed by Pakistani death squad

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani military agents target killed another well-known trader Hafiz Abdul Qadir in Jilani Chowk, Khuzdar district of Balochistan on Thursday.

According to police, Hafiz Abdul Qadir was buying vegetables on the Jinnah Road near Jilani Chowk when unknown armed men open indiscriminate firing at him killing him instantly.

According to eye-witnesses account two persons riding a motorcycle target killed Hafiz Abdul Qadir, and the killers were seen straight going to an FC camp after committing the brutal murder.

The body of the victim was handed over to his relatives for burial after legal formalities were completed.

Hafiz Abdul Qadir was the father of BSO-Azad’s slain activist Sami Mengal, who was whisked away by the Pakistani intelligence agencies on 01/10/2010 and his bullet riddled body was found on 17/10/2010 from Ferozabad, Khuzdar.

It is pertinent to remember that on February 3, 2012 Pakistani forces target killed Muhammad Ramzan Zehri, the father of BSO Azad’s youngest martyred member Majeed Zehri.

Pakistani military/ISI after applying all brutal methods by killing the Baloch youths under custody, now target killing the family members of Baloch political and student activists. Pakistani intelligence agencies continue to threat Baloch political activists to withdraw from the struggle for Baloch national liberation otherwise their family members will be abducted or killed.

[via Baloch Warna]

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