Three bullet riddled bodies of abducted Baloch found

Occupied Balochistan:Brutally tortured and bullet-ridden bodies of three abducted Baloch youths found from Dasht ,Quetta and Turbat towns of Balochistan.

According to the details body of Babu Saleem Badini, a resident of Machh town, was found in Dhori area of Dasht, Balochistan on the first day of year 2012. The victim was abducted around a month ago from Quetta.

Eye-witnesses reported that victim’s body bore sign of brutal torture and he was shot in the head.The wounds suggested that he had been subjected to severe torture before shooting him dead.

Separately, a tortured body was found dumped in Eastern Bypass near BC complex in Quetta.According to police sources he was blind folded and his hands were tied.A note found from the pocket of the body read: “Wazir Khan, supporter of BLA, every cruel person’s destiny is death”.

The body was later shifted to hospital for identification where he was recognised as the body of Wazir Khan Marri S/O Qaym Khan a resident of New Kahan Quetta.Marri owned a small general store in Haraz Ganji Bus stand.Sources said that Wazir Khan Marri was abducted in September 2011 from his shop.

Marri’s body was later handed over to his relatives.He will be buried in Shohda-e-Balochistan cemetery in New Kahan Quetta on Tuesday (Today).

Wazir Khan Marri was an immediate cousin of Faiz Mohammad Marri who was abducted on 6-11-2010 along with his cousin Khan Mohammad Marri. Faiz’s body was found on 2nd March 2011 whereas his cousin Khan Mohammd is still being held by Pakistani security forces at some undisclosed location.

Meanwhile third body of Baloch youth found today on (03-01-12) from Turbat.According to the local sources Levies force found a bullet riddled body from Kherabad area of Lalein in Turbat.The Levies shifted the victim’s body in local hospital,where he was identified as Jameel s/o Mulla Abdul Samad,a resident of Kantidar Dasht

It is pertinent to mention that Pakistani security forces have extra judicially killed over 360 abducted Baloch activists under-custody since July 2010 to December 2011. The latest bodies were found days after the announcement of Pakistan’s PM Mr Gilani that 2012 will be Balochistan year. Baloch political parties had already predicted that by giving such statement the PM has meant to dump more bodies of abducted Baloch activists.

Courtesy:Balochwarna and Balochjohd

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