Saravan: Angry protest in Saravan after Iranian force killed an innocent Baluch

Occupied Baluchistan: according to independent source Iranian security forces attacked a passenger Vehicle near the city of Saravan and set it ablaze, due the fire one person died on the spot whereas another has been seriously injured.

According details a convoy of five Vehicles were on their way when the Iranian security forces attacked them. The Vehicle dispersed amidst heavy firing. The Iranian security force followed one of the cars and continued firing at it until it caught fire. Eye-witness, on the condition of anonymity, told BalochWarna that nearby people rushed to the rescue of the passengers and tried to put out the fire. Unfortunately, one of the passengers died on the spot while the other has been secured in seriously injured condition.

Angry protesters took to streets after the wanton incident and blocked the road by burning tires. The protesters also chanted slogans against Iranian security forces and demanded the arrest of culprits. It is to be noted that it is the first time that Baluch public from Iranian occupied Baluchistan openly protested against the atrocities of Iran against Baluch people.

In recent years Iran has arrested and hanged hundreds of innocent Baluch on bogus up charged of the being enemies of God and accused of drug smuggling.

Source: Baloch Warna

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