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Oct 30: Shudaha-e-Zahedan


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Saravan: Angry protest in Saravan after Iranian force killed an innocent Baluch

Occupied Baluchistan: according to independent source Iranian security forces attacked a passenger Vehicle near the city of Saravan and set it ablaze, due the fire one person died on the spot whereas another has been seriously injured.
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Terrorism, Nationalism or Revolution in Balochistan

By Khalid Hayat Jamaldini

What is going on in Balochistan? Is it terrorism? Is it struggle for provincial autonomy? Or is it a Baloch revolutionary movement, aimed at breaking the chains of slavery and changing the status quo–Pakistan’s totalitarian colonialism?

Baloch professors, politicians, intellectuals, human right activists and journalists are brutally gunned down during daylight, while students, political activists and poets are kidnapped in the darkness of night. Their bodies, when found, reveal cruel and agonizing deaths.

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