Young son of well-known Baloch artist shot dead by Karachi goons

Karachi: Junaid son of ShukarAllah Baloch was shot dead in Patel Para within the precincts of Jamshed Quarter police station. The body was shifted to CHK for legal formalities. Victim received two bullets, tension engulfs in several areas of Jamshed Quarters and heavy aerial firing reported in surrounding areas.

Shukrullah Baloch is a renowned Baloch artist whose son has become the latest victims of Karahi’s gangsters who are being supported by PPP (the serving government of Pakistan) MQM, a fascist Organisation of refugees led by Aflaf Hussain and Peoples’ Aman Committee led by some Baloch members of PPP. Apart from these groups ANP (Awami National Party) which claims to be a pashtoon Nationalist party also plays a big role in current oblivious wave of terrorism and victimizing of innocent citizens of Karchi.

Separately, SHO Ghulam Nabi Wago said unidentified armed men threw two men near Zoological garden and run away, adding that when police reached after getting the information then they found two men were lying in road both of them hands and legs were tied with ropes and they received bullets on his head. Police shifted them CHK where during treatment 35-year-old man succumbed to his injuries, while other condition is so critical. Officer said both victims were kidnapped from Pak Colony area and they appear to be Baloch.

Independent sources say that as many as sixty (60) Baloch have been killed in recent short spam of violence in Karachi. The fight seems to be taking place between MQM, PPP, People’s Aman Committee and ANP’s money extortionists but the victims are innocent and unarmed Baloch, Pashtoon and Sindhi. That is why the Punjabi dominant army seems to have no interest in what is going on in Karachi and they are playing the role of silent spectators.

[via Baloch Warna]

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