Mir Hyrbyair Marri’s Message for the Prof. Saba Dashtyari Memorial Reference in Toronto

Dear Organisers of this event,

I am sending this very short message just to say that it is our duty and moral responsibility to continue the struggle for liberation. It is also to pay my respects to Qandeel-e-Baloch professor Saba Dashtyari Baloch.

I cannot express in words the sacrifices of Baloch martyrs who had given the ultimate price for speaking the truth and exposing the occupying states’ atrocities against Baloch Nation.  They preferred death with dignity over living under constant slavery. I salute the families of Baloch martyrs and of those who are suffering extreme torture in the custody of Pakistan and Iran. I feel the pain of those families and want to assure them that we will not let the sacrifices of their loved ones who are our heroes go in vain.

Saba Dashtyari as you know well was not just name of an individual but he was an institution. He armed the Baloch youth with knowledge and prepared them to fight the battle for freedom on scientific basis. He knew the journey of freedom is long and full of challenges, he knew in this path death awaits for him around every corner – but he like other brave sons of Balochistan stood for freedom justice and dignity of Baloch people.

He was not only a linguist, writer, poet and teacher but he was also a brave leader who wanted to see Baloch Nation free from occupation. Till his last breath he worked for the liberation of Balochistan. Even! Just a day before his murder he called for Independence of Balochistan. He exposed the double faced Baloch parties that are putting hurdles in the way of Baloch liberation movement. His speeches have always been a source of inspiration for the Baloch youth and he had the skills of grabbing the attention of his audience.  He never hesitated from speaking the truth – as it is said the truth is the first casualty of war – and there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Saba Dashtyari was targeted for exposing the atrocities of Pakistan and Iran against Baloch people.

His killer did not think that a martyred Saba will become a symbol of freedom and will continue to haunt them. Pakistan and Iran’s fear of Saba’s ideology become obvious when they sealed his office at Balochistan University in Quetta and cancelled the annual farewell celebrations in Zahidan University in Iranian occupied Balochistan.

One of the significant achievements of Saba’s is that he continued the legacy of Syed Zahoor Shah Hashumi and built the first largest library to preserve Balochi language and literature. He spent all his time and resources to make the “Syed Zahoor Shah Reference Library” more beneficial for Baloch youth.  Every Baloch who loves his mother-tongue and Balochi literature must now become Saba Dashtyari and continue his mission by not only helping the library but also establish Baloch cultural centres abroad to  familiarize themselves with Balochi culture. Along with other language we must teach Balochi to our children as compulsory to preserve our language.

In the end, I once again would like to make it clear that all Baloch martyrs’ including Saba Dashtyari’s struggle was for Independence of Balochistan, Baloch National identity and prosperity of Baloch Nation. If we want to respect our fallen heroes, we must continue the struggle for liberation – until we reach to our goal of free united and democratic Balochistan.

Long live Baloch, Balochi and Balochistan

Long live the struggle for liberation

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