Mehran Baluch’s Message for Prof. Saba Dashtyari Memorial Reference in Toronto

Mehran Baluch’s Message for Prof. Saba Dashtyari Memorial Reference in Toronto

Baloch national representative at the United Nations Human Rights Council, Mr. Mehran Baluch described the target killing of Prof. Saba Dashtyari by the Pakistani military death squads as a national tragedy and a loss that would take years to replace.

In his message to the Prof. Saba Dashtyari memorial reference event in Toronto, Mr. Baluch said, “Nations, in their struggle for freedom always remember their fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives for the future of their people.”

In addition, Mehran Baluch, while highlighting Prof. Dashtyari’s intellectual contributions, stated that he had devoted his whole life to the cultural awareness of the Baloch nation through his writings on Balochi language, literature, and history. Martyred professor’s message to his people was crystal clear – “Baloch nation’s cultural survival is possible only in its freedom from occupation.”

In his statement, Mehran Baluch emphasized that Prof. Saba Dashtyari’s life-long passion and work in developing national consciousness among the diverse strata of Baloch society is indestructible and historic in essence. The state of Pakistan only has succeeded in physically separating him from his beloved people; the great martyr’s philosophy of equality, freedom, and social justice is a living memory and shall remain part of Baloch nation’s collective history forever.

Mehran Baluch concluded, “It is now the duty of every patriotic and politically conscious Baloch student, teacher, doctor, lawyer, activist, shepherd, peasant, man, and woman to uphold the martyred scholar’s philosophy of freedom and realize his dream of Baloch national emancipation from the occupation, exploitation, and suffering imposed upon us by the states of Iran and Pakistan.

Mehran Baluch.

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