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Mir Abdul Ghaffar Langove killed in military custody after years of detention

Occupied Balochistan:Pakistan’s kill and dump policy is continue in Balochistan ,yet another Baloch is killed in Pakistan military torture cell after years of long illegal detention.According to the details the tortured bullet riddled body of Comrade Abdul Ghaffar Langove Baloch found from coastal town of Gaddani in Balochistan.Comrade Abdul Ghaffar Langov Baloch has been abducted from a hospital in Karachi. Sources close to Mr Langov said that he was in Karachi for his wife’s treatment.(11-12-2009) the personal of Pakistani intelligence agencies have abducted him from the (ISM) hospital Karachi and shifted towards unknown location. His wife has been left stranded in hospital as at the time of abduction Ghaffar Baloch was the only person with her.
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