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A sister’s quest for missing brother

Baloch Missing Persons families arrived at Rawalpindi’s Railway Station at 4am on Tuesday (Apr 05, 2011), they were whisked away by the men of intelligence agencies. They were taken to a safe house in Islamabad.
“They asked us why we have come to the capital and searched all the baggage. Some of the officials kept yelling, telling us to go back to Quetta.”

ISLAMABAD, April 8: On April 22 Farzana Majeed’s brother she had not seen almost for the last two years would turn 28 as the quest for the missing sibling brings her to Islamabad.

Zakir Majeed went missing from Mastung in June 2009. After desperately looking for the brother in the native town, holding a protest camp in Quetta and a three-month campaign in Karachi, Farzana has come to Islamabad along with 22 other Baloch men, women and children to appear before the Supreme Court on April 13 in the missing persons case.

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Dr. Nazar: a man’s struggle for his country

An interview with Dr. Allah Nazar
April 2011

The policy makers of the West must know that we are a peace-loving and secular people, and a free Balochistan is in the best interest of all those countries that love, and fight to maintain, peace — not only in the region but in the whole world.

Dr. Allah Nazar

You’ve probably never heard of Balochistan. A resource rich province of Pakistan wedged between Afghanistan and Iran, it is an area of great geo-political importance that includes the port of Gwadar, which many eye as a profitable road to China and Central Asia. Balochistan is also the site of what historian Selig Harrison has called “a slow motion genocide” of the Baloch people.

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