Families of “Disappeared Balochs” to Launch Train March to Islamabad on April 2

Occupied Balochistan: The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) along with the relatives of missing persons will carry out a “train march” towards Islamabad on April 2 to build up pressure on democratic government for the early recovery of missing persons and to get the attention of national and international community towards this humanitarian issue.VBMP president Nasrullah Baloch made this announcement while addressing a press conference at hunger strike camp set up in front of Quetta press club for the recovery of missing persons, on Thursday. Relatives of several missing persons were also present on the occasion.

He said that VBMP was a non-political organization which was struggling for the recovery of missing persons since its formation and it had been demanding that missing persons be recovered. “If any missing person is involved in any anti-state activity he should be produced before a court of law and should be given a chance so that he could prove his innocence,” he said.

VBMP president expressed his grave concern over the plight of missing persons, saying 121 bullet riddled bodies have been recovered within eight months whose bodies were thrown in desolate areas after being killed.

He said that relatives of other missing persons were greatly concerned about their beloved ones and if immediate steps were not taken for their recovery the rest of missing persons could be killed in the same way. “Democratic rulers are completely silent over the killing of missing persons and judiciary is also not playing its due role,” he alleged.

He said that they had been utilizing all democratic means for the recovery of missing persons and appealed national and international humanitarian organizations for playing their role for the early recovery of missing persons. “In order to get the attention of rulers, national and international humanitarian organizations, relatives of missing persons led by VBMP will kick off a train march towards Islamabad on Saturday”, Nasrullah Baloch said.He said that they would also set up a hunger strike camp infront of Islamabad Press Club and would stage demonstration outside Supreme Court, National Assembly and Senate.


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[via Baloch Warna]

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