UK: Baloch and Sindhis condemn the occupation of Balochistan

Press Release

The Baloch and Sindhis gathered in front of US embassy in London yesterday to demand the intervention in Balochistan from the international community. The demonstration was organized by the Baloch Human Rights Council (UK), the World Sindhi Congress and Balochistan Liberation Organisation in collaboration with Baloch Raaje Zroumbesh, Balochistan Peoples Party, Balochistan United Front Federal and International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons.

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A large number of the Baloch, Sindhis and other human rights activists took part to register their protest against the illegal & forcible annexation of Balochistan by Pakistan 63 years back.

Speakers highlighted the plight of the Baloch people since the occupation drawing attention to the brutal violations of human rights of the Baloch by the Pakistani military establishment. They demanded immediate intervention from the US, UN and NATO in order to end the systematic genocide against the Baloch being committed by the Pakistani State establishment.

Demonstrators demanded the establishment of an international commission to investigate the crimes against humanity being committed in Balochistan by the Pakistani security agencies and its death squads.

Speakers included Waja Rahim Bandvoi, Mir Ghulam Hussain, WajaAbdullah Seyahoi, Mansoor Baloch, Hasan Hamdam, Dr. Abdul Doshoki ,Dr. Lakhu Luhana , Even Mcmillan and Samad Baloch

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