Pakistani forces blatant attack on Baloch house in Quetta

Occupied Balochistan: Radio Gwank Reported:In an utterly blatant manner, Pakistani Military forces at 3 o’clock midnight raided a Baloch house in faizabad Quetta, in which the head of the house, Mr.Habib Khan Marri has been killed and all members of his family have badly been injured.The raid lasted till 5’ O’clock in the early morning. According to close relatives’ account he was instantly shot to death when he came out of the house at the order of the military officers.

Seven hand grenades were hurled at the house immediately after his brutal killing, as a result of grenades attacks all members of the family have been fatally injured among them are children and elderly women and men. His niece, Gulmir’s condition is very critical, admitted in the Quetta Civil Hospital. He has received three bullets in the attacks. This naked Pakistani military aggression has infuriated entire Baloch nation, violent protests have been observed in several localities of Quetta.

[via Baloch Johd]


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