Body of Sher Zaman Kurd recovered from Western bypass Quetta

Occupied Balochistan: A bullet-riddled body, which had been found at Western Bypass in the jurisdiction of Airport Police Station on 12/03/2011, was identified as that of Sher Zaman Kurd a, 22 year old, activist of Baloch Student Organisation (BSO-Azad) According to family sources Kurd was abducted by secret agencies from Dasht area some three weeks ago and was killed in their custody.

Quetta Airport police found the body on Saturday and shifted it to hospital for identification. Hospital sources said that Sher Zaman was hit with bullets in different parts of his body. Relative and eye-witnesses also reported that apart from bullet wounds the young Baloch activist’s bodies bore countless signs of inhuman torture.

Meanwhile, BSO-Azad has strongly condemned the killing of Sher Zaman Kurd and termed it the continuation of the genocide of Baloch educated youth and demanded from international humanitarian organizations for taking immediate notice of killing of unarmed student leaders.

It may be mentioned here that recovery of bullet riddled bodies of political workers and students leaders who were abducted by security forces and secret agencies has become routine of the day. In seven months more than 114 bullet-infested bodies of missing persons have been recovered. Among the mentioned 114 bodies 35 were found in the first three month of year 2011 only.

Mir Sher Zaman Kurd was a close relative of Baloch lawyer Ali Sher Kurd who had been abducted and killed in September 2010.

[via Baloch Warna]


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One response to “Body of Sher Zaman Kurd recovered from Western bypass Quetta

  1. Assalaam aleikoum brothers,

    Every time I read about these targeted killings of innocent brothers it saddens me to see that nothing is being done by Zardari “kahhaba madare chok” I keep on repeating the same thing over and over again that we need to take drastic measures and put in place people who are armed in areas where these brutes operates and kill them on the spot. We do not need to ask them any questions just when we site them, shoot them and this should be the name of the game. We need to go into their own areas where these” khooks” come from and do the same for them and especially target their own families and let them feel the pain of loosing their loved ones just like the way we feel the pain of loosing one of our own brothers. It is about time we taught them a lesson that for every one Baluchi killed we need to kill 10 of their own people and this way we will show them whom we are. I am ready to donate pool to get “topangs” so that we can carry out our own counter attack on them. How long are we going to let these atrocities carry on in our own lands? W e need to export our people into their areas to take actions and do the same that they do to our brothers and even more. We need to know where their “Baal Ghurabs” are so that we can destroy them all before they fly them to attack innocent Baluchis. If their cars are spotted any where in Baluchistan they should be attacked immediately and without any mercy. If they do not stop we should continue more and more and vigorously. Burn their outposts and attack them in the dark and all these cantonments have to be targeted until they run away or be driven out by force. Our boys should be at the bust stations and any bus stops on the way from Quetta to Karachi and at every venue where there is a possibility of sighting the bastards trying to board the buses to try and arrest people and as soon as they are sighted the attack should be carried out. Believe me if this is accomplished then we will defeat them at their own game and every time we get rid of them we should also benefit with their Identity cards and their weapons by utilizing these weapons to against them.
    May Allah protect us from the Qaum Adhalimeen.Amin!

    Your brother,


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