Mar 02: International Baloch Culture Day


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One response to “Mar 02: International Baloch Culture Day

  1. Baloch Culture should be inaugurated with the national song of Balochs,written by Gul Khan Nasir. During the day, the pictures of
    Baloch wariors, Baloch missing persons, martyrs and Kings of Balochs should be displayed.

    The audiances should be informed the history of Balochs, their language, dress, handicrafts and style of living of Baloch nomads. The ancient weapons and art of fighting should be displayed.

    On Baloch Culture day, the dancing and other songs should be prohibited as it is the culture of the Balochs that after the
    decease of a Person, Balochs use to mourn their death collegues
    for one year. During this period, Baloch cancel their marriage, betrothal and Child birth ceremonies.

    To obtain the Baloch Freedom is the main culture of Baloch Society.

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