International Humanitarian Organisations are ignoring Baloch genocide by Pakistan: Hyrbyair Marri

Occupied Balochistan: Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri commenting on the latest statement of Amnesty International said that though it is too little too late but the statement by AI confirms that the Pakistan (security forces) have been given a free hand to carry out mass killings in Balochistan. Despite the confirmation of AI the International Human Rights Organisation in Balochistan are turning a blind eye on state atrocities against Baloch Nation.

He said that “In my view these Organisations (by keeping silence) are supporting the colonising forces to keep their grip around occupied Nations. Their hypocritical policies of suppressing the weak nations and siding with oppressors are not in the advantage of civilised societies. It is proven from the history that slaved nations are forced to live in third world but today in the era of this global progress these International Institutions are busy finding a fourth world for the enslaved nations. In their mind the lives and dignity of oppressed Nations have no worth and value”.

Mr Marri further said that Pakistan [state] is committing atrocities and utilising all its power to eliminate the Baloch nation right under the nose of these International Institution but they still have a soft corner for such a state. The statement of Hyrbyair Marri published on Daily Tawar Balochistan further read: “Pakistan doesn’t need Baloch but their need is Baloch land and resources; if International Community terminates their support, stop backing the occupying state and end advocacy in favour of Pakistan then I believe it [Pakistan] doesn’t have enough strength and courage to sustain its occupation on Baloch land. Whenever in the world the situation deteriorated and resembled the situation of Balochistan; all these Human Rights Institutions, UN, EU, International Court & Amnesty International intervened immediately to stop the genocidal policies of the invaders/occupiers. Had the International Community intervened in Balochistan to stop Pakistan from committing genocide of the Baluch people today there wouldn’t have been bloodshed in Balochistan”.

Further expressing his anger over the silence of International Humanitarian Organisations Mr Marri said “Today where my nation is receiving decomposed and bullet riddled bodies of Baloch activists, streets of Balochistan are being washed with Baloch blood, and the Punjabi Death Squad load their guns to kill more youth from my people, the army cantonments in which Baloch activists are suffering extreme torture is greater than what the prisoners in Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo Bay are experiencing; these heinous crimes being carried out just meters away from the huge mansions where these so called Human Rights Defenders reside, yet they don’t see or hear the crying and protesting families of the missing persons on foot paths almost in every city in Balochistan. Pakistan is indiscriminately killing Baloch educated Baloch youth, teacher, lawyers, poets, political activists and common civilians in an attempt to silent the Baloch National struggle; despite all these mass killings the International Institutions have shut their eyes and ears . The champions of Human Rights cannot see anything else in Balochistan but the FESTIVAL SHOW of falling dead bodies of Baloch activists. Unfortunately, the International Organisations are backing the occupying states as well as justifying their atrocities and labelling the voice of occupied Nations as terrorism”.

In relation to Balochistan the International Community is contradicting its own passed humanitarian laws and International principles by supporting the occupier and suppressing the voice of the occupied. He said the International Court of Justice have not taken any notice of Pakistan’s atrocities against Balochistan nor did the UN, EU and other International democracies played any honest and equal role to resolve the Baloch issue. “If the role of International Institutions is to strengthen the oppressors and weaken the oppressed Nation then in such conditions, at least, they have no ethical and moral right to work in Balochistan; Baluch Nation has the capability to carry out their National struggle and face the enemy. The presence of these Institutions is becoming a hurdle in the way of our struggle. It is useless to expect justice and help from these organisations as they are silent on regular falling bodies of Baloch people – to trust them is like crying before a blind person”.

Mr Marri stated that “The Baluch cannot trust these International Organisations until they bring a positive change to their policies and behaviour toward the occupied or enslaved Nation. The Baloch are defending their homeland and struggling for National their identity; if they [International Organisations] are not ready to support us [the Baloch] and don’t condemn the mass custodial killings of Baloch activists then it is better for them to leave Balochistan so that Baloch nation can defend themselves better.”

The Baloch leader said that Pakistan army and the rest of state machinery is busy in crushing the Baloch nation, mostly Pakistan’s current Interior Minister Rehman Malik, who is at the forefront to order mass killings in Balochistan and Pakistan secret agencies are operating with his consent and permission. On his orders they are killing Baloch activists in custody and dumping their bodies away.

“Rehman Malik is a permanent resident of Britain; it is the moral responsibility of the world and the British authorities to question him for directly inciting and ordering the security agencies for carrying out the genocide in Balochistan. Malik should be brought before the International Criminal Court for cases of enforced disappearance and kill and dump policy in Balochistan because the FC (Frontier Corps) is involved in abducting, torturing and killed and dump of Baloch activists the FC works under Home Department and this department takes directions form Rehman Malik”.

He also said that Aslam Raisani, Zehri brothers and some other called Nationalist Baloch leaders are also equally responsible for the current bloodshed in Balochistan.

The Baloch leader further stated that history confirms that in the final days of Bangladesh’s struggle for liberation Pakistan has used the same methods killed and dump of the intellectuals, teachers, singers, students, doctors, physicians and journalist to eliminate the most enlighten section of the nation. Pakistan is repeating same crimes against humanity in Balochistan. Despite such barbarism the Bengalis have succeeded in gaining their freedom. Similarly, the British have recruited large number of Indian youth in Army whereas British were very less but ruled the entire India because they had occupied key posts. When the Indian nation became aware they started struggle against them but the British before leaving had robbed India.

In the end he said that Baloch Nations is aware of the fact that the path of freedom is full of difficulties and in near future the Nation will face further challenges. Baloch Nation is psychologically well aware and ready to face tough time ahead that is why it is impossible for Pakistan to stop the caravan of liberation with the sheer use of force and barbarism.

[via Baloch Warna]

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