Bombardment in Marri area, three including a woman and a child killed

Occupied Balochistan: The BLA has informed BBC Urdu and other media sources that Pakistan Air Force has bombarded non-combats in Bambor hilly areas of Marri region. As a result of the indiscriminate bombardment a woman, a child and a shepherded have been killed.

According to details the Baloch Liberation Army spokesman said that Kamalan Kachh area of Bambor hills have been bombarded by PAF fighter jets which resulted in the death of three innocent people including a child and a woman. He also said that several straw-made houses and live stocks were destroyed due to heavy bombardment. He informed the media of these latest atrocities of the military on Thursday while calling from in indentified place.

It is worth noting that earlier the Pakistani military destroyed several houses in Marri Bohri area and had arrested several innocent people who are still being held in some undisclosed location.

Mr. Jihand Baloch, a spokesman of BLA, also claimed responsibility of firing rockets on an FC-check post and DCO office in Nushki few days back.

It is also pertinent to mention that the fresh news of attacks on non-combats came only after few days of the statement of Mr Kayani, the head of Pakistan military, that no operation was being carried in any part of Balochistan.

[via Baloch Warna]

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