Baloch Family members reached 205 days of their hunger protest but still the International bodies feel insecure to speak

Occupied Balochistan: Baloch families of missing persons are the sole protesters recording an outstanding days of protest, recording more then 205 days of Hunger protest but still no response from the Pakistani judiciary or the International justice systems, it seems that no one cares about the hunger protest which is an outstanding record breaking of 205 days of Hunger strike while the family members stated that they have no believe over the Pakistani judiciary if there is anyone that could help the depressed families then it is those International Human rights organizations, UN, EU, & ICRC.

The hunger strike camp from the family members of Mir Wadood Raisani, Jalil Reki, Sangat sana Baloch, Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch, Mir Ghaffar Langov Baloch, Ali Aghar Bangulzai Baloch, Maqbool Baloch, Zafar Baloch, Sami Mengal Baloch, Hafiz saeed Baloch have recorded 205 days of hunger protest and still continuing, while the family members of Shams Baloch, Aga Abid Shah Baloch, Safeer Baloch, Sattar Baloch entered 185 days of hunger protest.

Hunger protest camp setup by the family members of Sameer Rind Baloch, Waleed Afzal Baloch & Arif Noor Baloch recorded 104 days, family members of the missing HRCP activists Siddiq Eido Baloch, Yousuf Baloch & Hameed Ullah Baloch entered their 50 days of hunger protest, Family members of Sadiq Langov Baloch recorded 28 days of Hunger protest, & Woman activists Hanifa Bugti’s family members entered 19 days while a hunger strike camp setup for the missing Baloch persons of Balochistan by VBMP (Voice for Baloch Missing persons) entered their 55 days of Hunger protest.

[via Baloch Johd]

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