ISI hires journalist to kill Brahamdagh Bugti

New Delhi, February 01 (ANI): Nawab Momand, an Afghan journalist, who was hired by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to assassinate India’s ambassador to Afghanistan Jayant Prasad as well as a Baloch leader Brahmdagh Bugti, fled to India on January 24, 2011, after threats from the organisation. Speaking exclusively to news agency Asian News International (ANI), in New Delhi on Tuesday, Momand said that he was initially offered a sum of over 30 million rupees by the ISI to kill Baloch leader Brahmdagh Bugti. He added the ISI wanted to use him and his contacts to execute assassinations, and instructed him to assassinate Jayant Prasad, the Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan, after assassinating Bugti.


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5 responses to “ISI hires journalist to kill Brahamdagh Bugti

  1. plzz plzz apne vatan ki hatir hamare sarmachaaron ka saath de plzz

  2. tahir

    balochistan zindabad ………………..

  3. tahir

    i hat pk……………………..

  4. Baloch qume se apel hai k is muskel gadi me ak dusare ka sath den.or sarmacharon ka madad karen.

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