Bullet-riddled body of Balochi folk singer found

Khuzdar (Balochistan Point News): Bullet-riddled body of famous Balochi and Brahvi folk singer Ali Jan Saqib Baloch was found in Kanak area of Khuzdar district, some 300-kilometer in southeast of provincial capital, on Monday.

The local people found the body of Ali Jan Saqib at Kanak area within the limits of City Police Station Khuzdar and informed the police. The victim received single bullet in head and body bore multiple marks of tortures. His hands were tied from behind with rope.

The body was handed over to heirs in Bisma for burial. It is alleged that Folk singer Ali Jan Saqib had been whisked away along with his student Shahzad Nadeem by intelligence agencies with the collaboration of F.C from a roadside hotel in Quetta on January 10th last. Ali Jan Saqib was a popular Balochi and Brahvi singer The killing of folk singer is series of Kill and dump policy of baloch youth ,political workers ,students writers and signers.

[via Balochistan Point News]


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