CANADA: BHRC and Sindhi Humain Rights activists protest again Musharraf

BHRC Canada

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Vancouver, Jan 19, 2011 – Baloch Human Rights Council (Canada), Sindhi human rights activists, Fraser Valley Peace Council, and progressive elements joined hands today to show their anger against the former Pakistani dictator General Pervez Musharraf and his policies including the ongoing military operation in Balochistan and gross human rights violations.

The former dictator and Chief of Pakistan Army was visiting the Canadian city, invited by Book Club, a conservative think tank, to deliver a speech on security matters and geo-politics involving “The War on Terrorism.”

The dedicated group of activists chanted slogans against the former dictator, called him “Butcher of Balochistan”, and demanded an immediate end to the ongoing military operation in Balochistan. They blocked the entrance to the building and prevented the former dictator to get out of his chauffeur-driven car. Baloch activists carrying portraits of the slain Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti surrounded the car while a nervous Musharraf watched out of the back seat window and then at some point he started showing his fists to the crowd like a “boxer.”

After two failed attempts to get through the front, he was finally driven to the back of the building where he was chased by an emotionally charged group of activists. One Baloch activist caught the astonished dictator by surprise and pushed the Bugti portrait to his face and said, “Murderer, you killed this man and I dare you to come to Balochistan.”

Mr. Aziz Baloch, Vice President of BHRC (Canada) and a member of the International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons explained to the Multicultural Omni TV that General (retired) Musharraf initiated the fifth military operation in Balochistan in 2003 resulting in displacement of 250,000 Marri and Bugti tribesmen and their families from their ancestral lands. He added that in the last seven years of the ongoing military atrocities 13,000 Baloch have been illegally disappeared, tortured, and more that 80 bullet-bodies of the disappeared youth were dumped in the open fields. He mentioned that in-custody deaths of Baloch activists have sharply risen to alarming levels in the recent months.

Protesters demanded of the Canadian Government that dictators and butchers of civilian population should not be allowed to visit this democratic country to make hundred thousand dollar lectures and deceive the public. They also demanded that Musharraf should have been arrested and tried for his crimes against humanity. Mr. Baloch added that Musharraf is the Pinochet of Balochistan and we shall pursue justice for the crimes he has committed against our people.

Aziz Baloch,
Vice President
BHRC (Canada)


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2 responses to “CANADA: BHRC and Sindhi Humain Rights activists protest again Musharraf

  1. Baig Muhammad Bughio

    Today Baluchistan is burning with killings of several Balochs by forces, especially by F.C. FC has killed several innocent people without any reason. The only reason I noted is they belonged to Balouch community. All assets of Baluchistan are being kept away from balouchs and given to Punjabis. It is not only with Baluchistan but Sindh also, there is no right of Sindhi people But Muhajrs are killing others especially Pathans and Sindhis. We must struggle for independence of Sindh & Baluchistan. There is no other way remained to have our rights.

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