Bodies of three disappeared Baloch leaders found in Ormara and Kuzdar area of Balochistan

Occupied Balochistan: According to reports from Balochistan the Pakistani security forces dumped the bodies of other Baloch political leaders in Khuzdar and Ormara regions of Balochistan.

The bodies of Ahmed Dad Baloch, former Gawader zone president of the Baloch Republican Party, was found along with that of Naseer Kamalan were found from some 23 miles from Ormara near the Syedabad Cross on the Mekran Coastal Highway Monday.

Both victims had two bullets holes on their heads and one bullet hole in their hearts besides brutal torture marks all over their bodies.

Ahmed Dad Baloch was abducted by Pakistani military intelligence agencies with the help of police from Gwadar zero point on 3 October 2010 while he was travelling along his family to Karachi on Javed Coach [Coach Company name].

The Police and FC has stopped Coach at zero point, dragged Ahmad Dad Baloch from his seat and handed him to the Military Intelligence personnel at Zero Point. This horrific incident took place right before the eyes of several passengers and the family of Baloch leader. He was then put into another car and driven towards an unknown location. His entire family are the eye-witnesses to his extra judicial arrested by Pakistan police and the Intelligence agencies.

The second victim, Naseer Kamalan, was a senior leader of Baloch National Movement. He was abducted on 5 November 2010 by the Frontier Corps on his way back to Pasni from Gwadar following a court hearing. According to eye-witnesses, the Frontier Corps had stopped two vans that were going to Pasni at Naliant Zero point. They checked the identity cards of passengers of the two vans and eventually dragged Kamalan out of the van. Eyewitness (passenger of the two Vans) confirmed that the abductors were FC personal and they came in official cars.

Mr Kamalan besides being a senior political leader was also a well-known Balochi language poet. His poetry has been thought provoking and a source of inspiration for the Baloch youth. His family has joined the ongoing hunger strike protest for his safe and early recovery – Alas! All unproductive; as the Pakistan media, judiciary and so called International Human Rights Champions have blocked their ears and close their eyes to the hues and cries of Baloch families.

The third body is said be that of Nisar Baloch the brother of BNM’s central joint Secretary Mir Rasool Bux Mengal. Nisar Ahmed was abducted near ‘Do Tawar Chowk’ Lasbela on the night between 6 and 7 November 2010. Nisar Ahmad Baloch was on his way when suddenly masked man attacked him and put him in their vehicle at gunpoint and drove off towards an undisclosed location, eye-witnesses reported.

Mir Nisar Ahmad’s body was found from Khuzdar area of Balochistan early Monday Morning.

There has been a complete shutter down protest in Pasni and surrounding towns against the kill and dump policies of Pakistan and continuous discovery of the mutilated bodies of Baloch political activists. Angry protester plated stones at government buildings and vehicles. Baloch political and student organisation have announced further protests and agitations across Balochistan.

[via Baloch Warna]


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4 responses to “Bodies of three disappeared Baloch leaders found in Ormara and Kuzdar area of Balochistan

  1. L. J. Parmar

    May their wishes of better nation for their countrymen Baluchi be fulfilled. RIP.

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