Protest against disappearances, torture and in-custody killings of Baloch by Pakistan and Iran

Date & time: Sunday 9 January 2011, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Venue: 10 Downing Street (opposite British PM’s official residence), London, SW1A 2AA
Nearest Tube station: Westminster underground station

THE fundamentalist states of Pakistan and Iran are presently engaged in a vicious competition in their policy of abduction, torture, hanging and under-custody killing of Baloch political and human rights activists. To highlight the plight of these victims the International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (UK) and the Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) are jointly organising a protest demonstration in front of 10 Downing Street on Sunday 9 January 2011. This is part of our monthly “Save Balochistan Campaign” to protest against violation of human rights by the occupying military and security forces.

Both Pakistan and Iran are continuing their atrocities in Balochistan with impunity. So far the International Community and International Human Rights Organisation have failed to take notice of the arrests, disappearance, under-custody killings and executions of numerous Baloch civilian and political activists by these occupying states.

On 20 December 2010 Iran hanged 11 Baloch political prisoners. On 1 January 2011 they executed 4 more and on 3 January 2011 and yet another innocent Baloch youth was hanged. All these Baloch political prisoners were in their 20s and were hanged in a prison in Zahedan the capital city of Western occupied Balochistan.

Their names are as follows: Hanged on 20 December 2010: Abdolbasset Shahbakhsh s/o Allahdad, Abdolnasser Shahbakhsh s/o Allahdad, Abdolshakur Zangizahi s/o Hossain, Mohammad Saleh Islamzahi s/o Atta Mohammad, Nasser Shahbakhsh s/o Zaman, Lal Mohammad Shahbakhsh s/o Karim, Attaollah Rigi s/o Nazar Mohammad, Abdolrahman Naruvi s/o Khaleqdad, Abdolrauf Shahbakhsh s/o Shanbeh, Balanch Naruvi s/o Ali, and Ahmad Naruvi s/o Abdolkarim.
Hanged on 1 January 2011: Mahmud Brahovi alias Farhad s/o Nader, Jehanbakhsh Brahovi alias, Nurbakhsh s/o Nader, Shahram Naruvi alias Bibagr s/o Jalal, and Zahur Ahmad Asefdoust s/o Mohammad Sharif.
Hanged on 3 January 2011: Bahman Rigi

Similarly, Pakistan continues its “kill and dump policy” in Balochistan. On 28 December 2010 Pakistani security forces rounded up 93 Baloch from Killi Qambarani area of Quetta. On 31 December last year bullet riddled bodies of four disappeared Baloch were found in Turbat. The victims were named as Shoaib Baloch, Naimatullah Baloch and Attaullah Baloch. On 3 January 2011 a member of Baloch student Organisation (azaad), Faraz Baloch was shot dead by Pakistan government agents in Karachi and seriously injured four of his friends. On the night of 4 January 2011 the dead body of Sardarzda Yousaf Langov Baloch was found in a cannel in Kirani area of Quetta. On 4 January 2011 three Baloch including father and brother of an abducted Baloch student Yasir Baloch have been arrested from Trubat on the same night.

On 5 January 2011 further two bodies of Baloch students were discovered from Turbat. The victims were identified as Chakar Qambar Baloch, a Central Committee Member of BSO-azaad, and Ilyas Nazar Baloch. Ilyas was a young journalist who was working for a Balochi language magazine Dhorant. The occupying states have been targeting and killing the most conscience and well-informed section of our society.

We hereby request to all Baloch and Sindhi friends, Human rights Organisations, freedom loving individuals and other oppressed nations in the UK to join our protest on Sunday. By showing your solidarity you can help us to raise our voice against enforced disappearances, torture, executions and under-custody killings, and executions of our political and human rights activists by the states of Pakistan and Iran.

We also urge all Baloch individuals and Organisations in Europe, North America and Canada to join “Save Balochistan Campaign” by dedicating at least one day every month to protest against Human Rights Violation in Balochistan. This is not the time to be indifferent. The lives and well-being of our fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and children may depend on our small action.

International Voice of Baloch Missing Persons (UK)
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International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons is a non-profitable Human Rights Organisation striving against enforced-disappearance and other human rights violations in Balochistan by the state of Pakistan and Iran.

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