Faraz Baloch shot dead killed by Pakistani intelligence agencies

The fascist and fundamentalists states of Pakistan and Iran have repeatedly attempted to subdue the Baloch freedom movement for their rights and independence and have been usurping the wealth and natural resources of the Baloch soil. As Pakistan would be unable to sustain its artificial existence without the resources of Balochistan.

The Pakistan is and the Iranians have been systematically carrying out what can be called the social, political, economic, cultural, and physical genocide of the Baloch people. In its efforts to counter the Baloch struggle, the Pakistani government has attempted to suppress this opposition by increasing the military presence in the region. Thousands of people are believed to have been killed at the hands of the Pakistani security forces. Many people are reported to have been subjected to enforced disappearance, torture, summary executions and deaths in custody with each passing day.

Military operations in Balochistan has resulted in the brutal massacre of thousands of Baloch people including defenseless women and children, resulting in the mass displacements of the people of the districts of Kohlu and Dera Bugti, due to unabated aerial bombing and ground offensives by the Pakistan army. Thousands of Baloch including politicians, students, teachers, journalists, doctors, writers, intellectuals and human rights defenders have been subjected to enforced and involuntary disappearances whereas many have been victims of targeted killings by the military and the intelligence agencies.

These atrocities to Baloch, not just limited to Balochistan, Baloch from anywhere under the fascist territory facing the worst brutality ever seen on face on earth. Peaceful protestors have been suppressed, political representatives arbitrarily detained and the freedom of expression and assembly totally restricted even in metropolitan city like karachi. Baloch the owner of Karachi, is now become stranger for its own land, Karachi once majorly Baloch populated city has now Baloch population of 30lacs approximate, Karachi not only become a place where no place for its original owners but also through different electoral constituencies they are segregated from each other. Their areas of population have been dissected into different parts and annexed with the areas of other ethnic nationalities through a systematic conspiracy to render them ineffective. Which in obvious resulting decreasing in their strength.

On 3rd January 2010, 5 young Baloch, when they were on way to their homes from a gathering, they were followed and had a homicidal attack by Pakistani agencies at Gulshan-e-Iqbal area of karachi. They shot to be dead, but they were immediately taken to Civil Hospital where Faraz Baloch (Member BSO AZAD Karachi Zone) couldn’t survive out of his wounds. The other four Baloch namely Bilal Baloch, Umair Baloch, Salman Baloch and Saddam Baloch are still in hospital under intensive care.This is not first time when Baloch have been targeted in Karachi infact it’s a part of ongoing series from decades against Baloch. Hundreds incidents have took place in Karachi where Baloch is killed, abducted or brutally tortured by Pakistani and its goons. Recent killings of innocent Baloch people in Karachi is infront of everyone where several Baloch were killed by agents of Government, and a limited military operation was launched in Lyari and other Baloch majority areas.

on Monday 15th February 2010 Baloch Students Organization (AZAD) central committee member Jawad Baloch survived in an deadly attempt on his life in Karachi by Pakistan’s security forces.

Another incident of atrocities on Baloch on 21st October 2010 , when three members of Baloch Student Organisation(AZAD) abducted by Pakistani military intelligence agencies and Sindh police from Karachi,including Former BSO Basemah Zone President Tariq Karim along with Balochistan University Unit member Nauman Baloch and Soraab Zone’s Yaseen Baloch have been abducted by the Pakistani intelligence agencies.

On October 4, 2010, 17-year-old engineering student Jamal Baloch abdicated by Pakistan Army.

Many people have died at the hands of the security forces in extrajudicial executions and deaths in custody in karachi, and numbers of people are reported to have been subjected to enforced disappearance. The confrontation between Baloch nationalists and the state agents is characterised by human rights abuses committed by all sides.

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