Bodies of four Baloch abducted youth discovered, police arrested 80 Baloch in Quetta

Occupied Balochistan: Four dead bodies of missing persons have been found from different areas in Balochistan. The deceased have been identified and Baloch Nationalists protested against the continued recovery of the bodies of abducted Baloch political activists.

بلوچستان:چار لاپتہ افراد کی لاشیں برآمد

Ayub Tareen of BBC reported that bodies of Faraz Sarparah and Zubair Sarparah have been found near Killi Qambarani area on Sunday morning (Today). The victims had been shot in the head and their corpses were stuffed in rucksack. The police have shifted the bodies to Bolan Medical Complex for identification.

On the other hand two bodies of Shahzian Marri and Sohbat Marri were found in Dasht area 20 kilometres in the south of Quetta. Dasht Levy forces have shifted their bodies to a hospital in Quetta. Official sources from Quetta reported that notes were found from the pockets of the victims with their names written on them.

The two bodies in Killi Qambarani were found on the exact location where two days ago a police vehicle was attacked, as a result of the attack one police sub-inspector was killed and five policemen were injured. The police have arrested 80 people on suspicious after this attack on the police team.

The residents of killi Qambarani protested against these arrests on Sunday at Quetta Press Club. The protesters strongly condemned the in-custody killings of Baloch abducted activists. They demanded the immediate release of 80 innocent people who were arrested from killi Qambarani in past 24 hours.


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3 responses to “Bodies of four Baloch abducted youth discovered, police arrested 80 Baloch in Quetta

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  3. Askanian group of Balobhstan

    So am so sorry about the anti stated accidents happend in the our Country which is on going within the tictact and politics by Govt. of Pk . Othewise Leaders and Leberation Army of Balochistan should take action on their related officials and intelligents of pk activities. That.first we demand for the immidiate of stop to missing and abducting people’s in the province of Balochistan.

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