Yet another bullet riddled body of a Baloch youth found

Occupied Balochistan: The levy forces found a brutally tortured body near Koshik on Quetta-Taftan road. They shifted the body to district head quarter Mastung for identification.

According to eye-witnesses the body of the Baloch youth bore marks of sever torture and he had been shot in the head. His body was found in a deserted area on Quetta-Taftan road. The already desperate and worried family of missing persons rushed to head quarters but nobody recognised him. Later the victim’s body had been shifted to Civil Hospital Quetta.

Arif Baloch the brother of the deceased has identified him a Khuda Raheem Bangulzai of Sabzal Road Quetta. He said his brother had been abducted near Mastung few days ago. Sources said that a letter was found in the pocket of Mr Bangulzia, it was signed by a previously unknown group “Mujahideen Balochistan”, which read “Bangulzai was a friend of Ali Sher Kurd and belong to BLA. He has received his punishment and others like him will also meet the same fate”.

The brother of Khuda Raheem Bangulzai along with Nasrullah Bangulzai, the chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, had held a press conference at Quetta Press Club on 12/12/2010 and they had accused the Pakistani security agencies for the abduction of Mr Bangulzai.

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One response to “Yet another bullet riddled body of a Baloch youth found

  1. Brothers,

    When I hear these heinous crimes being committed to our people,men,women children young and old it makes my blood boil and feel the same should be given to these brutes by hurting them in the same manner to their closest relatives especially these military bastards,the secret police etc., so that they can feel how painful it is loose a loved one.
    My feelings about this is to take revenge and institute the same to these brutes until they run away from our lands.I feel we should attack them at any time any place in our lands and there should not be left alone in this issue.What I feel is that we need to have our warriors in the street to blend with the rest of the population but be armed to the teeth that when these brutes are operating in the streets action is taken to deter them by attacking them until they run away.Kill them on sight.They are just “khooks”and deserve no less.

    Jalalkhan Boar

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