Fighter Balach Marri: Comrade! Where have you been?

Balach was really comrade, he made his own history. I keenly to love him and his struggle that sometimes yours acts convince to others and Balach done.

by Veengas

Sometimes our feelings can not be expressed in words, and having search words for giving shape our feelings. I got into trouble when I decided write on Balach Marri, since long time I was thinking what should I write, how I delineate his struggle?

It is verily panic moment when you write about that person who has been much closed to your thoughts, and now it is made part of Past.

Personally, I always oppose, those persons who say, after dead here and there is no existence of any person. But they are on mistaken, those persons remain alive who play his/her role for changing and making history by doings.

Therefore, I am not agreed that I count into Balach past tense, but for writing rules I am to write past tense for him. Balach is being used in past tense but he remains alive in history. Because History is made by noble characters through their deeds, history never is written if it has not role of human beings.

Some one said, If I die and funeral in history, I will be remembered in present and future times, let them allow to kill me because this killing; will be made me forever alive so Balach is alive in world of history.

Why was Balach stand with gun? This answer has bitter history which can not be easily swallowed. As above I wrote that human beings are made history but bitter history which has filled up blood-bath, is given birth to rebels those are fought against injustice and wrong tact. Rebels never have born by mother’s birth, in fact rebels born by history’s nativity.

If Balach put gun, it was not his personal wish but decisions come out from circumstance, those live in history, and Balochistan history is full with blood-bath and long distasted by establishment. Peep into past, each era has had promised after then promises have been broken by establishment not Baloch.

Instead, have to be solved problems, are being broken. Would like to ask from behind ruling hands, is it possible walk on broken bridge? Of course our answer would be No. But in case of Balochistan, they have been feet on broken viaduct and hoping that might have gotten good result.

In spite of getting fair results they are met scene of carnage, after such attitudes what should have behaved?

Those houses can not be sung songs having their beloved dead bodies, surely they react which depends on their anguish, such kind of reactions are naturally, Balochistan is burning only because its flame tepid through wrong tact and undelivered promised.

And Balach put gun because surrounding having bitter long past and present, has been forced on him for resist and self-defense for his homeland. Balach could have lived in luxuries and enjoying power game, Balach was man of history and nation who always chose tough long walk and reject temporary things.

Whatever Balach has done it was forced to do it, he never himself choose fighting but fighting chose him, when talks and promises lost its spirit, that moment nation develop its spirit and fight for their rights.

Balach put gun and covet to be made ground for real rights for his homeland, and he was right to defend his rights if Balach were not defend, who would be do?

Some one has to defend their rights, those are into jailed, and fighters having caused to be freed rights of nation. Balach only trying to be freed rights and given smiled on smile less faces, was it wrong? This question would like to be asked from champions of Human rights those are silent on Balochistan’s Blood River.

He was not wrong; situation has been created by ruling class and broken promises.

If Balach fighting is wrong then let us ask one thing that how could you define role of Kashmiris, Palestine and Lebanon? They have right to define their homeland so why not in case of Balochistan those are being asked for provincial autonomy and nowadays when blood river overloaded in Balochistan, they are saying that enough is enough now over and they turned to mountains where they are fighting.

Balach has not adopted new philosophy (guerrilla war) it has been adopted each nation, whenever they face rain of injustice.

When one side of nuclear-state and weapons, other side which is victims, and they are knowing that their revival is more powerful than us, and then guerrilla war automatically come out. We are not informed that Balochistan is in war as in case of Bangladesh.

Today is situation as same as was Bangladesh.

But Balochistan is making different history in this region. Fighter of Balochs are making remarkable present because present ink of blood is writing history and telling future untold facts about Balochistan-rebels.

I don’t know,
When I return to home,
I am here and fighting for my dream,
My dream which has only spirit to smile for smile less faces,
If you receive my death body,
Don’t be weeping,
Just come to close and telling me,
That yes I made day and pick up my dream,
To pass on other hand,
Until we make true our dream. (Helena)

Those nations are great that have bravely characters and making history as Balach has done now at least no one can be said that Baloch lords, are forced to common people for fighting and martyrdom, now in common people’s rows also have Baloch lords’ family members.

Balach was really comrade, he made his own history. I keenly to love him and his struggle that sometimes yours acts convince to others and Balach done.

To me, Balach is alive and he is whispering by his dream and guerrilla war. One day he will be returned back and we can be asked that Comrade! Where have you been?

Might be he pass smile and saying that do not you know? I was on long walk of freedom.

According to Helena, You can not be killed us, unless we have beautiful voices!

At a instance, establishment must be realized that through suppressed and making tact of threats are not solution of Balochistan, it can be caused like pressure cocker which will be opened and be burned all things because now Balochistan have brave and beautiful voices those can not be purchased.

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