Shutter down in Gwadar, Ormara against arrest of Baloch student, protest in Karachi

Occupied Balochistan: A Complete shutter down strike was observed in Gwadar, Ormara and adjoining townships on Sunday for the second consecutive day paralyzing life, business and trade activities, protesting against the hostage-taking of comrade Qayyum Baloch, senior member of Baloch Student Organization (BSO-Azad).

Students, including women in large number, took out a rally from Baloch Mohallah and marched through different parts of Gwadar city. The protesting students burnt tyres and put up barricades on several roads suspending flow of traffic for the day. The angry protestors also pelted commercial banks and official buildings with stones expressing their anger against the government and its functionaries for extra judicial arrest and murder in official custody. They chanted slogans against the security forces and secret agencies and accused them of whisking away innocent Baloch people.

A protest demonstration was held in front the Gwadar Press Club where speakers severely criticized the security forces saying that there is no law governing the unruly people in Government service. Information Secretary of BSO-Azad and relatives of Abdul Qayyum alleged that personnel in civil dress accompanied by Frontier Corps soldiers carried out raid in a house in Gwadar and whisked him away.

Dad Bakhsh, brother of Abdul Qayyum, lodged an FIR number 152/0/0 in Gwadar Police Station against the FC personnel accusing them of whisking away Abdul Qayyum.

Sources said that the angry people had besieged the residence of Minister for Fisheries Hammal Kalmati who then pressurized the concerned police officer to lodge the case. The students announced that strike will be continued today on Monday. It may be mentioned that Frontier Corps had categorically denied the allegations of carrying out raids and whisking away the people and termed it baseless and merely propaganda.

Meanwhile members of BNF held a protest rally at in Nuski against the abduction of Comerade Qayum Baloch and others. They chanted slogans against Pakistani security forces and demanded that the ongoing military operation in Balochistan must end immediately.

Karachi Protest: members and supporters of BSO-azaad also took to streets in Karachi against the abduction of Qayum Baloch. A large number of Baloch women and children participated in the protest rally and chanted slogans against the abductions and recovery of mutilated bodies of Baloch youth.

Courtesy: Balochistanexpress & DailyTawar

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