BSO Azaad activists Abdul Qayyum Baloch abducted from Gwadar

Occupied Balochistan: Another Baloch Students Organization (BSO-Azad) Central Committee member Abdul Qayyum Comrade had been whisked away here from Gwadar on Saturday noon. According to the members, FC troops entered his house and made the family members hostage at gun point and put the Abdul Qayyum and whisked him away in a swift action.

Local residents, including women and children, staged a protest and demonstration in front of the house of Provincial Minister Hamal Kalmati condemning the official highhandedness. They condemned the illegal arrest and demanded that he should be released or produce him before a civilian court of law if he had violated laws of the land. The protesters blocked all the roads in Gwadar by putting up barricades. Police were present on the spot and it failed to disperse the protesters.

Mr. Satar Hasan, brother of Abdul Qayyum, was addressing the media in front of minister’s house has said that from few months we are receiving decomposed bodies of youthful Balochs and he is worried about his brother that they will kill him also in official custody. He alleged the security forces whisked him away. He said before they also kidnapped Lala Hameed and many other Balochs and later sent their bodies. He appealed to the Human rights Commissions and judiciary to take notice about the picking up Abdul Qayyum illegally. He asked the human right organizations the world over to act quickly before he is killed in custody by the Government forces.

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