Five decomposed bodies found, the bodies of are Baloch missing persons: BSO-azad

Occupied Balochistan: Five decomposed bodies of unidentified persons were found in a deserted place between the settlements of Bostan and Yaro in Pishin District on Tuesday. The victims received bullets in their heads and presumably died on the spot. The bodies are beyond recognition and said to be two months old, an official said. A shepherd first spotted the dead bodies at the desolate place and informed the concerned Levies personnel about it.

Levies and other officials of law enforcement agencies rushed to the spot and took the bodies to nearby hospital and later shifted them to Bolan Medical Complex (BMC) Teaching Hospital for further proceeding. “We have brought the bodies to the Sandeman Hospital but because of law and order situation shifted it to BMC,” Investigation Officer Mohammad Mustafa said.

The bodies are completely decomposed and parts of bodies were eaten up by the wild animals and birds, doctor and hospital sources confirmed that it is impossible to carry out post-mortem. “The bodies bore bullet wounds in heads and officials of Health Department have been asked to take DNA test,” Home Secretary Akbar Hussain Durrani told newsmen. He said chemical powder was sprayed on the bodies accelerating the process of decomposition of bodies.

According to eyewitness accounts, there were six dead bodies and one of the bodies was completely eaten up by wild animals and stray dogs. They were killed some two months ago, doctors opined. The highly worried relatives of missing persons rushed to the hospital after being informed about recovery of dead bodies in such a large number.

However, they could not identify any one as the bodies were completely disfigured and beyond recognition. “I felt the smell and saw the remains of human beings, I think they were Balochs,” shepherd told local journalists and officials. It could not be ascertained soon that whether they were missing persons because officials were completely blank on the issue.

Around 50 dead bodies have so far been recovered in parts of Balochistan during since June 2010 and all the victims were killed in similar manner by shooting in their heads and by bashing their skulls. Majority of them had been identified as Baloch missing persons who went missing for months and years in some cases. Close relatives had identified and confirmed them.

Central spokesperson of BSO-azaad Salaam Sabir and Agha Hassan of BNP while talking to BBC Urdu said that the bodies could be that of Baloch activists who had been whisked away by Pakistani military agencies. They argue that the remains of the clothes and shoes appeared to be Balochi Shoes and clothes.

It must also be noted that around two month ago a video was posted on Youtube and other channels showing a bearded Pakistani army officer instructing his firing squad to shoot six people in an undisclosed location in Pakistan. At that time also many Baloch analysts feared that the victims could be Baloch activists. Others claim that they were innocent pashtoon victims of the Pakistan military death squads. No matter who the victims of following video might be; the recovery of six decomposed bodies and the shooting video do prove that Pakistan military is involved in killing innocent people in Balochistan and they committing these crimes with impunity.

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