Baloch Patriot leader Hyrbyair Marri calls for Improvement in strategy to defeat the enemy

London: Prominent Baloch leader in exile Hyrbyair Marri said that the in-custody killings of nine Baloch sons within two days showed the brutality of the enemy. He called for a collective voice against the enemy’s brutalities and said if Baloch didn’t stand united against the occupier, resultantly the occupier becomes the forceful master of our children.

He said that the Punjabi state has occupied Balochland from past six decades and has been plundering its natural resources. The state is annoyed by the fact that the Baloch nation has openly rejected Pakistan by boycotting the flag and national anthem of the invaders. The consistent, steadfast and ideological struggle of the Baloch Nation has forced the occupying state to restore to extreme violence against Baloch political activists and civilians. However, by committing such crimes the state has exposed its true intentions to the entire world. Mir Marri said that Baloch have stood united against foreign invaders/attackers and defeated them [with their power of unity.]

The occupying state in order to strengthen its hold on Balochland used different methods including settling foreigners on Balochland, imposing selected pro-Pakistan politicians on Baloch Nation and giving high ranking positions in Balochistan to pro-state elements. However, as the time passed by the Baloch Nation has become aware of these deceitful tactics of the state and they accelerated their resistance against such injustices, on the other hand, the state also multiplied its brutalities against the Baloch peoples’ struggle for their National rights.

Refering to freedom movement around the world Hyrbyair Marri said that we [Baloch] should learn from the ongoing national liberation movement of other nations. He said sending the decomposed bodies of Baloch youth as “gifts” are part of Baloch National movement because in liberation movements such things are not unexpected. We cannot expect the occupiers to follow the principles of war or act in a civilised and humane way with people of an occupied territory. The sacrifices of occupied Nations are a part of their (red) history. Pakistan is intensifying her atrocities in Balochistan. Hence, Baloch Nation must also improve their strategies to defeat the enemy.

He said we [Baloch] are the real masters of Balochistan and being Baloch it is our duty to respect our green, red and sky blue (with a single star) colour flag and recite the Baloch National anthem on daily basis, adding, that we were born in a free country inherited by our ancestors. Although the brutal state [Pakistan] has turned Balochistan into a slaughter house and to a military garrison but the Baloch nation will not be intimidated by such acts and the history will record us [Baloch] victorious.

The liberation movement of Bangladesh, Palestine and Russia are clear examples before us. Russians and Bengalis gained their freedom after sacrificing million of people whereas the Palestinians are still struggling for their national liberation. The occupying state of Israel has settled their people in yaroshalam and other areas of occupied Palestine in an organised and pre-planned fashion by using different deceitful methods. They strengthen their occupation in Palestine by the passage of time. Today we are witnessing the Palestinian Nation is forced have a war with them because they allowed the Israelis to be settled on their land. The Baloch Nation, however, resisted the occupation of their land from the very beginning.

Comparing the target killing of Palestinain leaders by Israel and Baloch leaders by Pakistan Mr Marri said that Israel target killed the Palestinians leaders Sheikh Yassin and Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi assuming that they have crushed the Palestine freedom movement but today the entire world is witnessing that the liberation struggle in Palestine has intensified instead of fading away. Exactly in the same way the occupying Pakistani state is target killing the leaders and activists of Baloch National liberation movement thinking that it will silence the voices of freedom but due such inhuman and brutal actions of the state Baloch national struggle is becoming stronger and energetic and an intifada has started in Balochistan.

He said the past atrocities of the Punjabi state against Baloch nation went unnoticed because at that time neither the Baloch nation nor the outside world were aware of the nature of Pakistan but today Baloch are more organised ideologically and they are jointly defending Balochistan practically against foreign occupation. The Baloch enemy is suffering from psychological defeat that is why it is committing indiscriminate crimes by massacring Baloch leaders and activists. Baloch Nation is struggling against illegal occupation of their land like any other occupied Nation in the world. Similarly, the sacrifices made by Baloch Nation are not less than the sacrifices of any other occupied and oppressed Nation in world.

Even though Baloch Nation is a brave, courageous and patriot but they need to unite and learn from liberation movements of other nations. Baloch Nation needs to find and expel Mir Jaffars and Mir Sadiqs from within, who have joined Baloch ranks in different shapes (in disguise).

Baloch Warna

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