BSO-azaad and BNM protest against Pakistan atrocities against Baloch people

Karachi/Occupied Baluchistan: Baloch Students Organization and Baloch Nation Movement held a protest in the front of Lasbella Press Club against the illegal abduction and discovery of decomposed bodies of abducted Baloch activists.

کراچی، بلوچستان میں‌حراستی شہادتوں کیخلاف بی ایس او آزاد کی ریلی، حب میں‌بی این ایم کے ہمراہ مظاہرہ

The Protest led by BNM leader Samad Baloch and BSO’s former Hub zone president, the protesters chanted slogan against Pakistan and condemned the recent custodial murders of Baloch abducted activists. While addressing the demonstration the BSO and BNM leaders said that Pakistan has started killing Baloch prisoners in custody and returning their decomposed bodies to the families. They said the silence of the International Human Right Organizations is beyond imagination. They said that such brutal tactics of the state are aimed at weakening the moral of the Baloch Nation. But, the state should know that Baloch people will not be demoralised by such methods of torture in fact it will further their determination and provoke them against the state.

Meanwhile in Karachi BSO-azaad and the BNM took out a joint protest rally. They marched from Art Council Karachi to Karachi Press club. The participants of the rally changed slogans against state and strongly condemned Pakistan’s atrocities against Baloch people in Karachi and Balochistan. The leaders of the rally made it clear that every Baloch was for the regaining Independence of Balochistan. They said they strongly believe that one day Balochistan will be free and the occupying forces will face defeat.

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