BSO-azaad rejects police accusations against Sikander and Suleman Baloch

Sikandar Baloch and his nephew Suleman Baloch have been arrested during a raid in Wahdat Colony (Quetta), the so called prohibited literature found in their custody include a book of Gull Khan Nasir and a widely published and sold book on military training.

Occupied Balochistan: The central spokesperson of BSO-azaad while strongly rejecting the accusation of police in Quetta has said that the two Baloch men whom the police had blind-folded and brought before the media, they are not terrorists. One of the men, Mr. Sikander Baloch is an officer of irrigation department where as his nephew Suleman Baloch is a member of BSO-azaad from Khuzdar Degree College.

Both men have been arrested from Wahdat Colony Quetta on November 04, 2010. The literature which have were shown on media include “The History of Balochistan” a book by Mir Gul Khan Nasir and a book on military strategy written by renowned and well-known Chinese author Sanzo (spelling may not be accurate) which has been widely published and translated in 38 languages. This book has also several times been printed by publication institutions of Pakistan. Another book found in their custody is a monthly magazine called “Branz” which is registered with Pakistan Press Information and Department of Public relations.

The BSO-azaad spokesperson said that the imperialist state has been psychologically defeated; that is why it has started abducting and killing innocent and unarmed Baloch civilians. The statement further said that no liberation movements in the history have ever been defeated by sheer use of military strength and brutal forces. Honest and dedicated national movements have always defeated the state barbarism and in the same manner the Baloch youth’s sacrifices will not go in vain.

Sikander Baloch’s brother Shams Baloch has already been abducted by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies on 1st July 2010 from Mian Ghundi check post, in Quetta capital of Balochistan.

Baloch Warna

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