Demonstration held for recovery of Arif Baloch, while Police refused to lodge the FIR

KARACHI: Family of the recently abducted Muhammad Arif on Tuesday urged the Prime Minister, President and Chief Justice to get him released. A large number of ethnic Baloch, including Arif’s family and relatives staged a demonstration in front of Karachi Press Club for his early release, saying, “Arif was picked up by law enforcers in the midnight hours of Sunday, October 31 from East Garden flat”.

عارف بلوچ کو کراچی میں‌ایجنسی اہلکاروں نے گھر سے اغواء کیا، اہلخانہ
Another Baloch goes ‘missing’ (The News)

A large number people including women chanted slogans for the release of Muhammad Arif s/o Noor Muhammad – a 16-grade officer at Gwadar Development Authority who had come to Karachi for medical treatment on official leave. Earlier, speaking at press conference, family members including Arif wife, mother and sisters appealed to Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, President Asif Ali Zardari and Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry for recovery of the abducted Arif .

They suspected that law-enforcing agencies had picked him up some time between Sunday and Saturday night while he was sleeping at the flat D-7 Jaffer Aziz Apartment East Garden. They alleged the personnel of intelligence agencies had also threatened and misbehaved with women while beating him up.

They said the agency’s personnel had not presented warrants to arrest Arif and dragged him blindfolded at gunpoint, who was until now missing. They said the law enforcers had also threatened women of Arif’s family showing guns to them not to register complain with police. They said the Soldier Bazaar police had also refused to lodge the FIR for Arif’s abduction.


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2 responses to “Demonstration held for recovery of Arif Baloch, while Police refused to lodge the FIR

  1. Waleed Noor

    Arif Noor Ko Shak Ki Bonyaad Se Agwa Kiya Giya Ha Inshallah Is Ko Baazyab Karae Ge.. Q K Na Wo Party Wala Ha Or Na E Siyasi Insaan.Inshallah Allah Khair Kare Ga.

  2. Hamza Gwadri

    Asalam Walikum;
    Arif Noor Baaz Sharey Bachikey, Baaz Galath Bitha Arif ey Gona .. Maa Dasthbndi Kney Go govrnmnt Ha K Haiye Mazloom Mathey faryada Ish Bika
    G.D.A : Mashaalah Balayn Officer ey 16 Gradey

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