Baloch teacher and his brother whisked away at dawn raid in their house in Khuzdar

Illegal arrests of Baloch people continue at the hands of Pakistani security agencies. 21 Marri Baloch have reportedly been arrested from Hub & surrounding areas in past three days only.

Occupied Balochistan: Abductions in Balochistan continue as a school teacher and his younger brother were abducted from their home in Khuzdar, Balochistan. Teacher Saufullah Baloch and his Younger brother Anwaar-ul-Haq have been abducted from their home in Khuzdar.

According to family sources and eye-witnesses the armed abductors came in 7 cars around 4m on Tuesday morning, barged into the house and harassed women and children. Some of the armed men were wearing masks and plain clothes whereas the rest were in their official security forces uniform when they raided the house of Saifullah Baloch a teacher of government workers high school in Labour colony in Khuzdar Balochistan.

It must be recalled that from last three month have seen an increase of abduction and dump and kill tactic of Baloch youth by Pakistani security forces. Local sources from Balochistan say that at least 35 Baloch youth have been killed in custody and their bodies were dumped in desereted areas. The Amnesty International in a recent report urged the Pakistan government to immediately investigate the custodial killings of Baloch political activists and target killing of Baloch political and student activists.

Haji Ghulam Haider Baloch the father Mr. Saifullah Baloch and Anwaar-ul-Haq Baloch while talking to media said that his elder son is a school teacher whereas his younger son is a student at Khuzdar Degree College, and both of them are not associated with any political party. He feared that his sons might suffer the same fate as other 35 Baloch youth whose brutally tortured and mutilated bodies have been discovered from different areas in Balochistan in last three months. He appealed to the International Human Rights Organisation to intervene and pressurise Pakistan to release Baloch missing persons including his sons.

Meanwhile sources from Hub reported that 21 Marri Baloch have been abducted from Hub and surrounding areas in past three days only. Some of the abducted include: Mohammad Qasim Marri, Murad Marri, Mir Ali Marri, Sawab Marri, Shehdad Marri who had come to Hub from Thatha region of Sindh to visit their relatives in industrial town of Hub Chowki, in Balochistan.


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