Freedom is the only way left for Balochs to survive as honorable nation: Naela Quadri Baloch

Freedom is the only way left for Balochs to survive as honorable nation. Killing of innocent Majeed Zehri, Noordin Mengal, Ali Sher Kurd, and thousands others unforgivable. Scars of drilling cutting and burning on their gems like bodies will burn in our hearts always!!

Prof. Naela Quadri Baloch

Pakistan’s forces are continuously sending us bodies of our gems like youth with the scars of drilling cutting burning, these scars will always burn in our hearts to remind us the intense need of emancipation from Nazi Pakistani regime, these scars are the symbol of hate, enemy is showing to us that freedom is the only way left for Balochs to survive as honorable nation.

These war crimes are unbearable and unforgivable. Balochs are facing genocide for last ten consecutive years of this fifth military operation by Pakistan in 62 years of occupation. Lives of millions of Balochs are severely affected by air attacks, massive killings, forced disappearances, torture, target killings and displacements.

No Baloch is secure as our lives, liberty and honor is threatened every second, we are living life just like in a concentration camp of Nazi forces in our own motherland. Being Baloch, being owners of precious treasures inside our soil and strategic coasts became the reason to eradicate us from the globe and occupy all this that is protected by great Baloch ancestors for thousands of years.

Enemy is mistaken here, these notorious anti Baloch policies can never defeat us, these are actually a call for our unity and solidarity, all Balochs needs to be united, our unity shall create the storm of revolution that will wash off these cowards once been washed off from Bangladesh and Kargil.

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