Hyrbyair Marri nominated as the International representative of Balochistan

Occupied Balochistan: Pro-Independence Baloch political organizations in Balochistan in a mutual announcement declared Baloch patriot leader Hyrbyair Marri the International representative of Baloch Nation. The organizations that made this decision include Baloch Republican Party, Baloch National Movement, Baloch Student Organization (Azaad), Anjuman Ittehad Marri, Baloch Khawateen Panel /Baloch Women Panel, Baloch Bar Association, Baloch Rights Council and Baloch Unity Council.

Hyrbyair Marri was also proclaimed as the political ambassador of Baloch National struggle to give him the consent that he may raise the Baloch issue with international community and enlighten the multinational Companies regarding Balochistan’s political situation, geographical importance and Natural resources, in order to pave way for talks and create awareness concerning theirs’ and Baloch Nation’s mutual understanding and interests.

Mr Marri’s task would also be to communicate with the United Nations, European Union, and International Human Rights Organisations and with the Foreign ministers of international democratic countries to present the self determined decisions of Baloch nation and their policies in relation with the Independence of Balochistan.

The Baloch leader for the achievement of the aforementioned objectives will work alongside Baloch patriots, Baloch political organizations and the civil society. He will be providing them with assistance in decision making and leading the struggle for the national interests of Baloch nation and the independence of Balochistan.

Hyrbyair Marri will inform the civilised world about the ongoing atrocities against Baloch Nation, the exploitation of Baloch natural resources and gross human rights violations in Balochistan by Iran and Pakistan.

The Baloch pro-liberation parties hoped that Hyrbyair Marri would meet their expectations and their combined efforts will bear fruit for the better future of upcoming Baloch generations.

Baloch Warna


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4 responses to “Hyrbyair Marri nominated as the International representative of Balochistan

  1. Meer Balouch

    you are great leader for balochistan …

  2. What is the response of United Nations and Human Rights Commission on this nomination . It is very important and fruitful?

  3. What is the response of UN and Human Rghts on it . This very important

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