Protest rally slates disappearance of Safeer Baloch & Sameer Rind

Photo: Daily Tawar

Occupied Balochistan: Family members of missing persons protested in front of the Quetta Press Club, demanding the safe and early release of their loved ones.

The protesters chanted slogans against security forces and the government, accusing them of taking the Baloch people hostage. They also accused the government of killing kidnapped people in custody.

Addressing the gathering, the sisters of two missing persons, Safeer Baloch and Sameer Rind, who have been missing for a month, said that security forces had surrounded their houses and taken away their brothers.

They said that despite their efforts, the superior judiciary and humanitarian organisations are not addressing this issue. The attitude of the judiciary shows that it has granted security officials the right to kill political opponents in custody, they said.

The protesters demanded that the United Nations and international humanitarian oganisations pressure Pakistan for the immediate recovery of all Baloch missing persons.

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