13 year old BSO(Azad) abducted member martyred by Pakistani intelligence agencies

Shaheed Majeed Baloch

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistani occupying forces in their continuation of the genocidal barbarity in Balochistan have victimized a 13 year old child named Majeed Baloch. Majeed Baloch was abducted by Pakistani army from Umer Farooq Chowk, Khuzdar on 18th of October, 2010 and on 24th of October his mutilated body was found on Rabea Khuzdari road, Khuzdar.

Majeed Baloch’s body had severe marks of torture, as his body had several marks of cigarettes and each part indicated the barbarity of the Pakistan Army which was responsible for the death of this child.

Majeed Zehri Baloch was a student of class 8th and a member of Baloch Students Organization. According to a friend of Majeed Baloch, who after the death of his friend by Pakistan army feared similar consequences requested anonymity and said that Majeed often shared his desire to become football player in his national team when his motherland (Balochistan) would be liberated.

Majeed Baloch, 13, was the most recently abducted child by Pakistan army, presently Pakistan army has 158 Baloch children being tortured in its secret torture cells. Humanity needs to answer one question on the death of Majeed Baloch, that how many other Majeeds await their death just to help the occupying states like Pakistan to terrorise their colonies?


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