21 Balochs shot dead in a single day in Karachi

At the time of MQM was mourning the death of seven junk dealers of Shershah in Lalukhet, its gunmen were in the streets of Karachi hunting down Baloch youth in isolated places of Karachi killing 21 innocent Baloch in a single day. Since it controls the media as part and parcel of the MQM Mafia, the media was referring to the death of seven junk dealers ignoring the 21 innocent Balochs gunned down by the MQM Snipers or members of its death squads who enjoyed the support and protection of the security agencies.

BBC Urdu video report

They raised a hue and cry demanding police action in Lyari for which they build up full pressure on Sindh Government to crush their own supporters and political constituents. They gone to such an extent that Cabinet colleague in the MQM rank openly blamed the Home Minister at the behest of the security officials to isolate Sindhi Ministers and demoralize them.

The political activists among Balochs, Sindhis and Pakhtuns blamed the Government functionaries in the security agencies for supporting the MQM gangsters armed with sophisticated weapons and killing innocent people—Sindhi, Baloch and Pakhtuns—at will. “The MQM gunmen got complete impunity as no one in the Government dares to arrest the gunmen red handed. If caught, very powerful people in the security apparatus of the state rushed to his rescue releasing him from the police custody,” a political activist told this scribe.

“They got complete protection in their killing spree of innocent people since the MQM and its death squads created in 1986,” he added. The political activists belong to different political parties have asked the President of Pakistan and the Government of Balochistan and top political leaders to extend them unqualified support in the onslaught launched by the MQM and its death squads against the Baloch people in all parts of Karachi. The purpose of surgical operation in Lyari is nothing but to humiliate the women and children of Baloch people and harass their families for not surrendering to the dictate of the MQM gangsters wielding guns with the support of the State.

Balochistan Express

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