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21 Balochs shot dead in a single day in Karachi

At the time of MQM was mourning the death of seven junk dealers of Shershah in Lalukhet, its gunmen were in the streets of Karachi hunting down Baloch youth in isolated places of Karachi killing 21 innocent Baloch in a single day. Since it controls the media as part and parcel of the MQM Mafia, the media was referring to the death of seven junk dealers ignoring the 21 innocent Balochs gunned down by the MQM Snipers or members of its death squads who enjoyed the support and protection of the security agencies.

BBC Urdu video report

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کراچی کے بلوچ اکیلے نہیں:‌کامریڈ مولاداد

ایم کیو ایم کے دہشت گردوں‌کیلئے کراچی کی زمین تنگ کردینگے، کراچی کے بلوچ اکیلے نہیں وہ کراچی کے اصل وارث اور مالک ہیں، کل کے آئے ہوئے پناہ گیر آج ان کو ان کی زمیں‌سے بے دخل کرنے کا خواب دیکھ رہے ہیں

Comrade Maula Dad Baloch

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Two more Baloch missing persons found dead

Photo: Daily Tawar

Occupied Balochistan, Quetta: Two more Baloch missing persons were found dead in an isolated area called Ghanji Dori in Mastung on Thursday morning. Both victims are young Baloch men and doctors said that their bodies bore torture marks and execution-style bullet wounds.

Faqir Mohammad Baloch was an employee of the Cadet College, Mastung, and Zahoor Baloch was a member of the central committee of the BSO Azaad faction. Family members of both the deceased have accused security agencies of killing them in illegal detention.


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