Target killings of Balochs in Karachi

Karachi: Rift brtween MQN and Amn Committee caused bloodshed Baloch areas of Karachi like Malir,Garden,Old Golimar Usman abad and specialy Lyari are under attacks of target killing, where innocent Baloch people are being targeted by the MQM terrorists which caused approximately 22 Baloch deaths Since last 3 days.

It is a result of rift between Peoples Amn Committee which is enjoying a PPP shelter and the MQM causing the killings of innocent Baloch and other communities, both the groups have their differences on controlling areas for their unfair means and unlawful activities.

Since past 2 years Karachi city is facing this inhuman target killing incidents which have taken hundreds of lives and losses to the business community but the government and law enforcement agencies are just playing the role of a shame spectators and totally unwilling to control this bloody situation and finish it to give the commoners a sigh of relief, the third and main party which is involved in this bloody rift is ANP who has the support of pashtoons is the main rival of MQM apart from Amn Committee.

Talking to our correspondent the Baloch people of Karachi showed their anger on PPP government’s anti baloch policies and blamed them for the killings of innocent lives of balochs mostly the laborers and working class, they said that PPP has always used dead bodies of Baloch people for its political scoring and its doing the same again by using baloch as fuel to counter the enimity with MQM, they have condemned PPP’s double standards by sitting in a coalition government with MQM but for countering them they are making hellish life for poor Baloch people.

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  1. They Were Killing All Balochs In karachi

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