MQM and PPP killing innocent Baloch in Karachi in the name of fight against criminals

KARACHI: Since the Baloch people under the banner of BNF have been strongly protesting against Pakistan Military operations in Mashky, Dera Bugti and elsewhere in Balochistan in a peaceful and democratic manner. Pakistan state functionaries are using MQM and PPP card to pressurise innocent Baloch of Karachi. The state is using MQM card to crackdown against supporter of Baloch freedom struggle in different areas in Karachi. MQM and PPP both allies are trying to kill as many innocent Baloch as they can in the name of fight against street crimes. It is no secret to anyone in Karachi that PPP and MQM are crime partners and they are behind all the criminals, drug and land mafia gangs.

According to Balochjohd website the MQM has started aerial firing on Baloch areas of Malir, Lyari, Golimar, Baloch Para, and Garden to divert the attention of Mashkay operation in Karachi. In many areas MQM workers organized rallies, blocked the roads and held placards that member of Baloch resistance organisations are present in these areas of Karach and that the government should take action against them. In last 72 hours more than two a dozen Baloch have been killed and many injured by the Pakistani state terrorist wing MQM in different parts of Karachi.

Yesterday night Police and Rangers jointly started an Operation in several Baloch villages in Malir. Without any respect of the sanctity of Baloch houses and traditions, they dragged Baloch children, women and elderly out of their houses in the name of so called “searched operation” because MQM accused them of having links with Baloch freedom fighters and working for BLA which in fact is not true the only fault of these Baloch people is that they have been protesting against Pakistan military atrocities in Balochistan.

The Pakistan state atrocities against the Baloch of Karachi prove that Baloch nation is being harassed no matter where they live and Pakistani parties do not care for them be them the PPP, PML (N, Q or xyz). They have no sympathy and regard for the Baloch people. Baloch in Karachi instead of running after PP and other Pakistani parties must unite among them and support the Baloch freedom struggle and the people of Balochistan, the Baloch freedom loving parties, must not ignore the Baloch of Karachi they should stand by them against terrorist and criminal organisations like MQM and hypocrites like the PPP.

Boloch people are facing worst form of human right violations and the state of Pakistan is using its full military might against Baloch people no matter where they live. Yet the so called human right organisations nationally and internationally have sewed their lips against Pakistan’s atrocities against the Baloch people.

Baloch Warna

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