More than two dozen Baloch martyred, operation launched in Baloch dominated areas of Karachi

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KARACHI: The Mashkay military operation being condemned by the Baloch National Front Karachi from the first day, BNF organized protest rallies against the Pakistani state atrocities in Balochistan,they have tried to highlight the genocide of Baloch nation to the world in a peaceful way. But Pakistani state used the MQM card to pressurize the Baloch freedom supporter masses of Karachi.

MQM started aerial firing on Baloch areas of Malir, Lyari, Golimar, Baloch Para, Garden to divert the attention of Mashkay operation in Karachi. In many areas MQM workers organized rallies, blocked the roads, holding play cards “BLA” members are present in Baloch area’s and Army should start operation against them.

In last 72 hours morethan two dozens Baloch martyred and many injured by the Pakistani state terrorist wing MQM in different parts of Karachi.

Yesterday night Police and Rangers jointly started an Operation in several Baloch villages in Malir, where women, children, elderly were dragged out in the open field in the late winter nights and their houses were searched because MQM accused them of being spies and members of BLA but which is not true.

This is proving that Baloch nation is being harassed no matter where they live. Lets condemn Pakistani forces for dragging out our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, childrens from comfort of their homes in the open field, worst human rights violation but still these human rights organization are silent spectators.

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