No space for Baloch Nation then! No room for State Media in Balochistan: Banok Karima Baloch

Occupied Balochistan: The Central Vice chairman of Baloch Student Organization (Azaad) Banok Karima Baloch recently gave a statement in which she said that those TV Channels and Newspaper where there is no space for Baloch nation than it should be noted that there will be no space for these TV channels and Newspapers in Balochistan either.

She stated that in such condition when Pakistan forces are busy showing brutal and animalistic approach to counter Baloch nation, where everyday corpses of missing Baloch are found these Media outlets have opted silence over these anti human actions and most importantly destroying the houses and property of civilian Baloch population in the town of Mashkay by indiscriminate bombardment and with all these happenings still they don’t intend to open their eyes then there is nothing left for the State media in Balochistan.

She further appealed to Baloch youth to take whatever stand they could against Baloch enemy media, she continued that BSO(Azaad) appeals to all Transporters, cable operators and book stall owners to support this stand of BSO (Azaad) and especially to Transporters to stop distributing these newspaper otherwise they will bear the losses on their own.

She also addressed the Baloch Journalist that they should also take this suggestion and should not be part of Baloch Enemy media and should support this call of BSO (Azaad).

Baloch Johd

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