Pakistani forces charged of looting gold while arresting Baloch youth

Occupied Balochistan: Family members of Sameer Rind, who was abducted by armed men few days ago from his residence in Turbat district, accused security forces of taking-hostage and illegal detention.

Addressing a news conference at Quetta Press Club on Thursday, female family members said that personnel of security forces barged into their residence and brutally tortured Sameer and other family members during a search. They took Sameer away at point and who has been listed missing since then. The family members claimed that personnel also looted 30 kilograms gold and other valuable things during the search of their house.

They said Sameer has no political affiliation with any party or organization and demand of government for his early and safe release.

It was worth mentioning that Provincial Minister for Social Welfare, Mir Asghar Rind also raised the issue in Balochistan Assembly and condemned the search operation in Turbat (Kech) district. He also accused security forces of carrying out search operation in his constituency without informing government representatives. (Courtesy The Balochhal News)

Meanwhile a cousin of Sameer Baloch sent the following dispatches of eye-witnesses: Quote:

MY cousin Sameer Rind Sameer Abdul Kareem has been abducted by Pakistani army/FC/agency (whatever it is) last night around 2am (14.Oct.2010) in Turbat, Balochistan from the house while everyone at home was already asleep! Suddenly every one hears Sameer screaming what did I do, what did I do??? And when they went ahead to see what’s the matter the army pointed gun on them and took Sameer away! And until now No one knows where is Sameer kept and Pakistan army doesn’t cooperate!

Bygwaah (Missing)


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4 responses to “Pakistani forces charged of looting gold while arresting Baloch youth

  1. Saahil Rind

    This is what we Balochs are facing since we have started demanding our Rights.. We Balochs are Being abducted, Tortured and killed by so called Islamic pakistan, Shame on it.

    We Baloch Warned pakistani State, that We Balochs will continue our strauggle for freedom..
    you cant discourage us by abducting or torturing..

    The basic right for me is my Independent Balochistan.
    Long Live Balochs & Balochistan

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  3. i want jon alhal nazar poras i lakay ware ware mach

  4. Hani Aslam Durra

    Thank you very much for bringing this to everyones attention!!! I highly apperciate “YES I am Baloch (Facebook page) & Baluch Sarmachar website for doing this effort for us!!! insha’Allah my cousin and all other young innocent young Balochs will return home safely…

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