Military operation in Mashkey Balochistan


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مشکے میں‌فوجی آپریشن


آپریشن میں شدت، بمباری جاری، مکانات نذرآتش، ڈاکٹر اللہ نذر کے گھر چھاپہ


مشکے آپریشن پر بلوچستان حکومت کا رویہ شترمرغ جیسا ہے، سردار اختر مینگل


مشکے آپریشن دشمن کی شکست ہے، بلوچ سرمچاروں‌کی حکمت عملی نے دشمن کو حواس باختہ کردیا، اتحاد مری


Pakistani atrocities continue in Mashkay Balochistan, public properties set ablaze by occupying forces

Occupied Balochistan, MASHKAY:Pakistan Army has begun an offensive in the area of Mashkay, Pakistani Occupied Balochistan. This offensive is being carried out with the help of gunship helicopters and the area is completely blocked where is the local residents are not being allowed to enter or leave the area. According to the reports received through the people who managed to leave the area, the local population are being harassed and looted by Pakistan army.

Several people were kidnapped by the army and were taken to undisclosed locations but due to strict restrictions imposed on the local people, only little information could be received on the names of the people who were abducted. Local sources also have mentioned that properties of the local people , who have resisted against the lootings or kidnappings, were set on fire.

According to the reports received Bashir Ahmed Baloch, a tailor by profession and his two sons of age 9 and 13 were abducted from Wahejo, a small town in Mashkay. Bashir Ahmed’s shop was set ablaze and his family members were severely beaten at the time when three of them were being kidnapped. It is said that the personal’s repeatedly said that he was the only tailor in the area therefore he must be the one who stitches the flags of Independent Balochistan.

Meanwhile in Moee, the town where Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nizar was born, a school teacher named as Raza Muhammed Baloch, his relative Adam Baloch, a shepherd named Abdul Latif Baloch and a brother of Dr. Alla Nizar, Ibrahim Baloch were kidnapped and were taken to undisclosed location. Dr. Alla Nizar’s house was raided as well, and his family and neighbors were humiliated and their belongings were taken away. On the other hand in Kandali, a place near Mashkay Cantonment, Dr. Haneef Baloch’s house was raided by Pakistan army, and his house, along with the houses of six of his neighbors, were burnt to ashes. By burning the houses of the people who are already living a miserable life and live below the poverty line in their mineral rich motherland, the army officer present at the scene celebrated victory and warned other residents of the area that they would all be slaughtered and that they were all working for India and America (the infidels as Pakistan Army calls them).

In the main market of Mashkay which was observing a shutter down strike against the army offensive, 18 shops were set on fire and people were forcefully asked to keep their shops open if they wished to save their properties from burning. Houses of Fida Baloch, Zahor Baloch, Haroon Baloch, Mustafa Baloch and Gul Hassan Baloch were also burnt for the sole reason of being members B.S.O. (Azaad). Their family members were forcefully taken out of the houses and children and women were said to be humiliated and beaten on the roads of Mashkay.

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