A leading member of BNP shot dead in Kalat

Government functionaries responsible for the killing: Akhtar Mengal

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Occupied Balochistan: A Central Committee member of Balochistan National Party Mir Noor-Ud-Din Meengal has been murdered in Ghareeb Abad area of Kalat on Wednesday Noon.

Unknown armed men riding on a motorcycle opened fire on Mr Mengal, initially he suffered multiple injuries but later died at Mongochar while on the way to hospital in Quetta. The assailants managed to escape, reported Balocistan Point blog on wordpress.

Nooruddin Mengal, a leading member of the Baluchistan National Party, was on foot when a pair of gunmen rode up on a motorbike and fired at him, said Shukrullah Sasoli, a local police official. Mengal was the third prominent member of the party to be killed this year. Earlier Habib Jalib Mengal and Haji Liaqat Mengal were also shot dead in similar fashion. Sasoli declined to say who was suspected in the attack.

However, Sheh Mureed Baloch, a regular member of Balochi Culture Group on Yahoo groups suspects that Mr Mengal was attacked and killed by Mussalah Defai Tanzeem in collaboration with Pakistan ISI.

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