Massive bombardment and operation conducted over the civilian population of Mashkay

All area is Blacked Out, No trespassing to any media or news bureau, large number of civilian casualities due to indiscriminate bombardment

Occupied Balochistan, Mashkay:According to reports coming from the area, the town is under siege and massive bombardment and operation have been conducted over the civilian population, many casuality were also recorded. The report further stated the area being black out and no trespassers were allowed be it Media or News bureau, town is being swapped house by house and the belongings of people are been taking forcefully.

The town is ambushed by the Pakistani army has no food supply or medical supply is being allowed to be provided to the injured civilians and neither the population of mashkay town is being allowed to leave the area, as the whole town been gripped in a tight curfew like scenario.

The inhabitants of the area have been caged inside their homes with no electric or water, all the lines were choked up before the operation. It has been a week since the operation started and the town was also gripped in such a condition a month before, the forces has once again started to harass the Baloch people of Maskay and all the inhuman treatment are being carried out by Pakistani forces.

Local Baloch sources further continued that many gunships, military helicopters and ground forces have entered the besiege town earlier and it is being regarded as a grand operation by the local leaders who call it Genocide of Baloch nation.

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